Business Services

CoreQuick helps you to make strategic decisions about which path to take in an ever changing technology landscape. Our customers find our perspective irreplaceable. We are here to help, and we would enjoy the privilege to help you.

CoreQuick provides:

  • Professional Guidance, Deployment, and Maintenance
  • Computers and employees supported as a whole system
  • Management of any piece of the puzzle or your entire organization
  • Point of sale systems recommendations and implementation
  • Communications bridging between creative and technical departments
  • Creative department technical training and management

Subjects you might want to discuss with us:

  • Desktop support for your business
  • Supplemental support for your IT department
  • Advice about iPads, iPhones and Macs
  • Guidance surrounding the Apple App Store
  • Deployment of iPad’s to students and faculty at your school
  • Deployment of laptops or desktop Mac’s at your school
  • Wireless network setup or troubleshooting
  • How to setup or troubleshoot your new Apple Mac OS X Server