Mobile Device Support

Let’s talk about the concept of mobile device management (MDM) and how you should think about it as you consider the technology deployment needs of your company. Mobile device management can be thought of as a trust relationship that is set up between the devices you want to deploy to your users and the systems that you want to use to change the behaviors of those devices. So let’s define our terms. First of all a device, which can be defined as any computer or tablet or phone that a user may be given by your organization or bring to you organization. So what are examples of a device?  iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones, Windows phones, Mac’s, PC’s, and even Chromebooks can be considered devices which you can manage in some form to affect their behavior, settings, and security features, among other things.

Mobile device management allows IT to do things like provide an automatic login for a device onto the companies Wi-Fi network. Perhaps automatically connecting to a VPN for remote access. Maybe add accounts so that your users can easily access things like calendars or email or contacts. An MDM can allow you to provide limited whitelisting and blacklisting of websites as well.

Mobile device management can configure your devices to access a proxy server on your network to enhance security. There are literally dozens of different settings you can send to a device using a mobile device management solution. All that is required is that the device enroll in the mobile device management solution, and at that point as soon as the device shows up, it is ready to be managed.

The MDM can then do all sorts of things to that device including remotely locking, wiping and also unlocking the device should that be necessary.

With all of the power mobile device management gives an organization over the devices that are granted access to that organization’s resources it’s no wonder that every large medium and even small sized organization is interested in deploying a mobile device management solution to manage all of their devices. If you have deployed one, or are already in mid deployment, or even if you have a mature deployed solution, CoreQuick consultants can supplement your existing IT staff to assist with management needs. We can train your new staff in MDM best practices. We can even take over MDM management for you full time at your location if you so desire it. Contact to discuss scheduling.


For all enterprise level customers in business, government and education, CoreQuick requires a minimum commitment of one full onsite day weekly with your dedicated CoreQuick consultant to enable the best possible support.