Apple Consulting

When we get the chance to work together to make something great, to exceed expectations, or to enable people to do things in a different way than they ever imagined before, we endeavor to pilot change. We drive that change because we believe in it. We do great things together because for us that kind of hard work is fun. We enjoy it. We love coming to work every day. It is a feeling that can’t be measured by a spreadsheet or a KPI, and Sean Colins ensures that all CoreQuick people feel it in their bones before they start their first day at work.

Why we do what we do: Everyone deserves to be a part of the life changing world that modern technology offers. Every day new quality of life enhancing technology is invented and brought to market.  I believe that nobody should be left out of that opportunity.  I believe in lowering the barriers to adopting helpful technology. We will level that playing field making it so that everyone can enjoy the fruits of the best advancements in our civilization. To do that we train people to alleviate frustration, we advise to get people over cost barriers, we configure and maintain to optimize function, so the beautiful form of Apple products can be matched by a seamless, secure, and smooth experience for the most important part of the equation. You.


I'll show up at your door properly sanitized, and proudly wearing a face mask to protect your health.

Sean Colins

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