How to let us help you

Call 310-275-3690, and tell us you want help, or send an email to When you reach out to us, you will receive a call from a helpful and caring CoreQuick employee who will work hard to instantly put you at ease. We promise to always do our best to help you. Contact us today so we can show you what it means to be a client.


How easy is it to start using a CoreQuick consultant?

We want getting started with CoreQuick to be, well, Quick! And we want it to be easy. Just give us a call, or write an email, heck send us smoke signals! If we can get the message somehow that you want our help, we’ll be there for you.


CoreQuick Staff: Smart, Certified, and Prepared

When you hire a consultant the number one concern you should address is whether that consultant has the skills, knowledge and experience to get the job done efficiently and effectively. In this video Sean Colins talks about the importance of training and certifications for CoreQuick consultants.





How does a typical client use the CoreQuick service?

Our clients choose to use our services in many different ways, and we work to accommodate budgetary and scheduling needs by working only when needed. We can even schedule remote work to happen during natural down times in your work schedule, even after normal work hours if that works best for you.