CoreQuick Programming Curriculum


Team Collaboration

Using the CoreQuick Programming Curriculum, team collaboration in a simulated real world programming environment is used to teach programming, but also what it feels like to work as a programmer. Students solve real world problems together, helping each other along the way while using the same tools and approaches professionals use.





Strong Curriculum

Professional teachers excel at taking written curriculum and finding the best ways to present the information to a class. The brave and talented teacher who pioneered our first curriculum in her classroom had absolutely zero programming experience before signing up to teach our course. We provide your teacher with a very specific curated playlist of resources hosted by our friends at, that quickly should make any professional teacher very comfortable teaching a class based on our curriculum.



Equality Built In

To return balance to the numbers and expectations of women in technology, we must address how girls and boys navigate the world of technology as children. Our curriculum calls for gender balance in the classroom. While challenging, we believe that a structured gender balanced class roster will allow girls to learn that programming is a fun creative pursuit just as their ideas of careers and adulthood are forming. Just as importantly, we want the boys in that classroom to experience girls in a technology classroom in equal numbers and in small balanced workgroups so they all have experience working together to solve technical and creative problems. We believe this experience can change the way these children see themselves and each other in the future.



How to Join the Revolution

Ocean View School District was our first school deployment, and with the success of the 2014-2015 school year, they want more. Specifically they want us to build a revision of the year one curriculum and a year two curriculum so their existing programming students may progress. Sadly, there is just not enough funding to meet the basic costs to construct this revised curriculum. So we are working to help Ocean View School District by reaching out to other schools and districts in the Southern California area who want to contribute and participate in this curriculum.

To move forward with our curriculum we need to find at least 10 schools who are each able to spend $4,000 for the curriculum, and to devote the necessary teacher, classroom, and computing lab resources to have a successful and positive experience with our curriculum.

If you believe your school can participate, or if you wish to simply contribute to make this possible for Ocean View School District, please contact us so we may discuss your interest.
(310) 275-3690